[Members] ISOC award nominination for XMPP.net ...

Winfried Tilanus winfried at tilanus.com
Fri Jan 10 20:01:50 UTC 2014

On 10-01-14 10:06, Mike Taylor wrote:


> According to https://twitter.com/xnyhps/status/421402249357574144
> they were nominated for an award - can someone translate that page
> for me or give me a couple sentances so I can celebrate this by
> making a XSF blog post about it!
> thanks

That is quite a prestigious nomination. Well done! In the Dutch
chapter of the ISOC are quite a broad group of organisations
participating and not only the 'usual suspects'.

There is no link in the tweet you mention, but in some other tweets
there is a link to: http://isoc.nl/innovatieaward/

The translation of the description of the price:

With the Innovation Award, the ISOC.nl wants give innovative and
important initiatives about the internet the acknowledgement they
deserve. Innovations that stimulate the growth of the internet and the
knowledge about it. The price is awarded to persons, institutions or
initiatives and is a sign of the big value an initiative has for the
society by improving the internet or the use of it.

Hope this helps.


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