[Members] XSF Board Minutes, 20140115

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Jan 17 13:41:00 UTC 2014

Present: Full House.

Chair for this meeting was Ralph Meijer; Mike suffered an urgent bit of
day-job but joined in as participant.

1) UPnP Liaison

Peter Saint-Andre and Ralph both expressed concerns about whether the XSF
could find sufficient volunteers for the 3 liaisons currently in the
process of formation.

The Board (and XMPP Council Chair) generally agreed that the NDAs involved
are undesirable, but the XSF must live with them.

The Board voted unanimously to accept the Charter, and therefore the Work
Team is formed (but vacant pending the recommendations from Council).

2) XEP Editor Team Charter

Dave Cridland reiterated his comment that "In order to improve the
management of these processes" should be struck. Mike and Dave voted +1
subject to this adjustment. The remainder of the Board voted +1 without

3) Specific FOSDEM Expenditure

Ralph requested a formal vote on reimbursement for beanbags for the
Realtime Lounge at FOSDEM, and van hire to transport the kit we have at
Cisco Diegem to FOSDEM.

Simon expressed concern, suggesting that, "There's too much lounging at the
realtime lounge and not enough interaction with potential folk."

Dave, Ralph, Laura and Mike all voted +1 on the beanbags and van.

Simon voted -1 on both beanbags and van.

The motion is therefore carried by the majority.

All agreed that posters drawing people to the area were useful, though
Ralph stated there will be no posters at the Lounge itself as there's no
way to properly hang them.

4) DNSSEC promotion

Parallel to the above, Simon raised the issue of how we could get more
traction on getting this to work on the XMPP server level, particularly in
the light of the Internet Society's gift.

Mike suggested raising it on the members list, and further allocating some
time at the Summit. Ralph suggested that standards@ would be a better
venue, as it's not members-only. Peter concurred, and Ralph suggested JDev
was also a reasonable venue. Simon agreed to send a post on the subject to

5) ISOC Post

Laura agreed to draft a post announcing and thanking the Internet Society
for their gift.

6) AOB

None raised,

7) Next meeting


8) Thanks all
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