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On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 11:00 PM, Matthew A. Miller <
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> I'd also be happy to work on this.

This, I warn you, is going to be a rant.

Back on the 7th of January, Peter suggested that it would be great if he
could hand over the day-to-day functions of the XEP Editor - which are
boring, time-consuming, and generally thankless tasks - to a small team of
members who could take up the work. I would like to say the vast majority
of the members were in favour, but actually only 10 or so spoke up. Many of
these were members who already contribute a considerable amount of time to
the XSF - let's call these the usual suspects.

There's a number of these people - you'll find them on the Board and on the
Council, of course, but there's also those members who work (very) hard on
the infrastructure, website, and other things - though often (but not
always) these people are *also* Board or Council. Ex-Board and Council
members are often reliable to call on, too. There are even one or two
people who irritate by asking for trivial changes to websites constantly,
but I'd frankly rather that than the deafening silence this thread has

This - the XEP Editor function - is at the very core of what we - the XSF -
do. It is of vital importance. I was rather hoping we'd have more than two
volunteers; it's been quite a few days now. I'm beginning to wonder what on
earth many of the members applied to join the XSF for.

Want to submit XEPs? Great - but you don't need to be a member to do that.

Want to suggest changes to them, or write whole new sections? Awesome - but
you don't need to be a member to do that.

Want to proselytize about XMPP? Fantastic - but you don't need to be a
member to do that.

Want to turn up to a nice Dinner? Well, okay - but you could always be a
sponsor instead of a member, and you'd be doing the XSF a lot more good
that way.

None of these are reasons to be a member of the XSF. But there are good

Want to act as technical guardian of the XEPs? Ah, *then* you'll be wanting
to join. Want to help edit them? That's great, join us and volunteer. Want
to help decide how we distribute and license the specs? Come, join us, we
need all the help we can get.

The only thing the XSF *requires* from its members is that you take part in
votes. But that's different from what I'd like to see. It's not that I
don't want strong XEP contributors to be members, too - we need those for
liaison teams, if nothing else - but most of all I want smart people to
join us who are willing to help run a standards development organization. I
want those people to apply, I want those people to be the ones we decide to
vote in (and don't get me started on the people who seem to vote yes to

I appreciate that many members who read this far will probably be amongst
the usual suspects, for which I apologise - this isn't aimed at the hard
working members who make up a significant minority. If you think, though,
that you could do more for the XSF as a member, please do volunteer for
things like this - or just turn up to Board and Council meetings, or hang
about in the xsf at muc.xmpp.org chatroom; there's a million and one little
tasks that need doing all the time.

Be one of the usual suspects; I'm sure you'd be made welcome.

Be useful.

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