[Members] Mea Culpa Regarding my Membership Application

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Jul 25 20:20:26 UTC 2014

I am the aforementioned Board member who suggested this path of action.

Having thought about the issue of changing one's application after voting
has already started at some length, I suspect it's not the right choice.
Instead, I'm inclined to suggest that:

1) Changing an application might be absolutely required, for example if the
applicant changed their employment. This obviously has an impact on the

2) Changing an application because a statement is, or becomes, incorrect -
which is the case below - also seems the right thing to do.

3) In either case, I think the XSF Secretary should be notified, and the
Members. Some people may wish to recast their vote, and (in the first case
above) it's possible this invalidates their application.

4) For new members, the XSF Secretary would need to notify the members.
Existing members reapplying can do so themselves.

5) This probably needs codifying in XEP-0345, which is in Last Call.

In the case below, therefore, I think Matthew should update his application
to fix the error, and inform Alex formally (having already notified us).
Anyone who wishes to recast their vote in the light of this should contact
Alex (as XSF Secretary) either now or in the member's meeting.


On 25 July 2014 18:47, Matthew A. Miller <linuxwolf at outer-planes.net> wrote:

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> I will admit that I copy/paste my applications from the previous year
> into the current year.  I did not realize that I had not updated a
> section in my application last year (which then carried forward into
> this year), which states:
> "I have been, and currently am, a member of the Council; where I've
> reviewed, commented, and voted on various other XEPs."
> This should have been:
> "I have been a member of the Council; where I've reviewed, commented,
> and voted on various other XEPs."
> However, I don't know if it appropriate to change my application now
> that proxy voting has commenced; I am technologically able to change
> it, but I (and one board member) am not sure it would be appropriate
> change it.
> Regardless, I offer my sincere apologies to this body for the mistake,
> and will endeavor to prevent this from occurring in future applications.
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