[Members] Board Minutes 2014-06-18

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Jun 18 16:03:47 UTC 2014

Ralph Chairing, Dave, Simon, Laura present.

0. Welcome

1. Laura's Announcement.

Laura Gill got engaged last night, at the birthplace of Alan Turing.

The board members and floor congratulated her individually, though Simon
noted the absence of a XEP for this.

2. Application XEP

Dave said he'd do the required editing, and to expect a last call vote next

ACTION: Dave to edit the XEP to remove corporate membership bits.

3. NA Summit

Agreed that the response has not been very positive.

ACTION: Follow-up post to be written by Dave, explaining that we'll skip a
year if there's no interest, and asking people if it'd work better
somewhere else or at a different location.

4. Interop

Simon notes that building a "road to DANE" beginning with generally making
noise would be beneficial. Matthew Miller (from floor, DNA editor)
suggested the documents were stable, but noted they were not yet into WGLC.

Suggestions were made that calling for reviews of the specifications, and
encouraging people who wanted DANE support to talk to server developers,
would both be beneficial at this stage.

5. AOB

Ralph noted he had only three minutes left until the Netherlands vs
Australia game, and therefore would postpone a perfectly legitimate request
for a 2-hour pointless discussion by Dave.

6. Date of Next Meeting

Same time next week.

7. Close

Ite, meeting est.
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