[Members] Fwd: XSF joining the software patent non-aggression community

Winfried Tilanus winfried at tilanus.com
Thu May 8 15:05:44 UTC 2014

On 30-04-14 19:02, Ralph Meijer wrote:


> As mentioned in today's Board meeting, the XSF has received an
> invitation from Open Invention Network (OIN) to join "the software
> patent non-aggression pact". Attached in full, including two PDFs.
> What this would mean for the XSF, and whether or not we join the OIN, is
> ultimately up to the membership.
> Please discuss.

The cross-licensing you get when becoming member of the OIN is (quote):
"with respect only to the Linux System". Note the difference between
"Linux system" and "Linux kernel": they see their task broader then the
core of Linux. But the restriction to the "Linux System" probably rules
out XMPP, because XMPP is platform and software license agnostic.

As long as not all members of the OIN agree XMPP is part of the "Linux
System" (what seems to be strange and unlikely to me), membership of the
XSF is pretty useless IMHO.

The other way of participating, donating patents, is hypothetical,
because the XSF does not hold any patents. But also in that case it
would be strange to donate patents for the protection of Linux without
getting any protection of XMPP in return.


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