[Members] 18th XMPP Summit -- October 9-10 -- Richland, WA, USA

Ralph Meijer ralphm at ik.nu
Mon Aug 24 10:15:33 UTC 2015

Dear XMPP community,

The XSF is proud to announce the 18th XMPP Summit, which will be held
on October 9–10 in Richland, WA, USA, and colocated with & yetConf
(formerly RealtimeConf), which is October 6–8.

&yetConf is focused on the intersections of technology with humanity,
meaning, and ethics. A majority of the Council has already indicated
their intention to be at &yetConf, as well as several XSF members.
&yetConf tickets include 3 nights hotel, and all meals for 2.5 days,
and are available for XSF members at a discounted price of $1299 using
this link: <https://ti.to/&yet/conf-2015/with/jywfanjobzk>.

For the XMPP Summit, &yet will make multiple rooms of meeting space
and whiteboards available at their office. Richland is in the heart of
Washington wine country, so we can also make arrangements for an XSF
Dinner at a local winery, if that's desired. This will be announced

Official hotel is the mid-century modern Hanford House hotel, located
on the Columbia River.

For those who aren't able to be physically present, we will make it
possible to participate remotely through our XMPP MUC room at
<xmpp:summit at muc.xmpp.org?join>, as well as a video conference.

The most up-to-date Summit details can be found at
<http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_18>, and announcements and
discussions around the summit will take place on the Summit mailing
list <http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo/summit>.

For questions about &yetConf, XSF Summit logistics, and (extentions
of) your hotel booking at the Columbia River, contact
<mailto:conf at andyet.com>. For questions about XSF Summit content,
schedule, and plans, contact Ralph Meijer (<mailto:ralphm at ik.nu> or
<xmpp:ralphm at ik.nu>).



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