[Members] Thoughts on the US XMPP Summit

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Jun 4 14:18:10 UTC 2015

The Board seems to have decided to co-locate the US Summit with RealTime
Conf. It's been decided to co-locate on the basis that co-locating draws
people to the Summit. I agree with the reasoning; we co-locate with FOSDEM
because FOSDEM draws thousands of developers from across Europe, being the
largest free conference I'm aware of. There's no parallel in the US, which
is a shame - it'd be an obvious place to work.

Now, I happen to think Realtime Conf is pretty awesome. I made the last
two, and thoroughly enjoyed them.

But this year's is restricted to 150 tickets, which may already be sold
out. I know that all the &Yet folk will be there, and I've no doubt Ralph
will make it, and I'll do my best to persuade Surevine that it's
tremendously important to my professional development (although it's
probably too late).

But I'm a little worried that a US Summit needs more than just &Yet folk
and Ralph and (maybe) me.

Again, this is not to detract from Ralph, or the &Yet folk; but I can't
help but think that the major problem we have in the US is a lack of broad
participation, and a conference at which the numbers of attendees
interested in XMPP are going to be vanishingly small isn't going to help

Now, if the decision is really because people just want to meet up and chat
about XMPP while at RTC, well, that's fine - but that's not the stated
reasoning. As I said at the beginning, I agree with the reasoning the Board
stated; I just don't think it leads to the same conclusion.

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