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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Jun 8 15:42:08 UTC 2015

Board Minutes!
In Color.

Starring: Ralph Meijer, Simon Tennant, Adam Brault, Will Sheward
Also Starring: Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln
Special Guest Star: Laura Crossley

Ralph Meijer acted as chair due to Laura sending apologies.

0. Agenda Bashing - http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2015-06-08/#15:02:40

  1. Commitments for this week
  2. Backlog
  3. Review of Board Goals.

1. Commitments for this week - http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2015-06-08/#15:08:59

a) Comms policy sent to members (Laura) -

Ralph hasn't seen this go by.

b) Job description for Treasurer (Ralph) -

Peter said he'd not written this yet, but would after the meeting.

c) Re-start website project with a call (Adam/Simon) -

Adam said he's stubbed out a considerable amount of pages in Markdown, and
has more coming. Simon noted these were visible in the github repository.
Peter offered to help port across some of the old content; Ralph noted the
need to maintain URLs as much as possible.

Adam said his next steps are to get more help porting and adding content.

d) Starting plans for RTC (Ralph) -

There has been some discussion on the mailing lists, and Ralph needs to
confer with Adam a bit.

e) Follow-up from Board Goals call (Will) -

Will said he would be mailing the Board list with his update before next

2. Backlog actions - http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2015-06-08/#15:21:32

Suggested removing the Trademark item (thought to be done). Peter agreed it
was completed.

3. Board Goals call commitment -

Pending Will's update.

4. AOB - http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2015-06-08/#15:27:24

None proffered.

5. Date of Next - http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2015-06-08/#15:29:21


6. Ite, Meeting Est - http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2015-06-08/#15:30:52
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