[Members] Board Minutes 20150511T1530Z

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon May 11 15:53:12 UTC 2015

Present: Laura Gill^WCrossley (Chair), Will Sheward, Simon Tennant, Adam
Apologies: Ralph Meijer
Also Present: Peter Saint-Andre, Kevin Smith

(Skimpy meeting minutes as this was largely a discussion amongst the Board
to re-start meetings after Laura's absence)

0. Agenda Bashing

Laura: So, maybe a quick round robin to each person - what do you think you
are working on / is important

1. Adam

Adam: website is same state as last discussed, anticipating a meeting May
21 to kick off a sprint for finalizing copy and website design. I'm
resuming my focus on it May 21 and I anticipate it taking a good amount of
my time to shepherd it to completion and launch.

2. Simon

Simon: yes - dates look good for me. should be able to jam on this over the
next few days.

3. Will

Will: thoughtfully we've done nothing in the last few weeks, in order to
minimise 'return to work' shock for you. ongoing discussions [with
sponsors] are ..... ongoing. Best I report when things happen rather than
when they don't. we do have a new sponsor, Eyeball Networks, and a blog
post welcoming them to the fold is needed

4. Anyone Else

Peter: The Editor Team + Council Chair had a discussion about using GitHub
for the XEP workflow, so that's on my mind. I expect there has been
discussion about that on the members list but I was distracted by work +
being sick late last week, will catch up on that.

Dave: Trillian's federation? Seems like something the Board could blog

5.Next Meeting

Laura: I will send an email out to discuss times/days

6. Ite, Meeting Est

7. All Hail Laura
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