[Members] Board Minutes 20150921

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Tue Sep 22 14:03:34 UTC 2015

On 22/09/2015 14:33, Goffi wrote:
> G'day,
> nice to see the website being updated.
> As I mentionned on the xsf@ room, Jappix (http://jappix.org) and
> Libervia/Salut à Toi (http://salut-a-toi.org on which I am working) are
> lacking in "Projects using XMPP Social". I have not heard of any other one.

Shame on me, I forgot about "Live Jabber" on which Sergey Dobrov 
(Binary) is working. I'm not sure of the official url though.

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