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Steven Lloyd Watkin lloyd at evilprofessor.co.uk
Tue Jan 12 15:31:03 UTC 2016

Thanks for the reply/clearing things up Kev!

Hopefully after a few months of 301s being in place we can swap to using
github alone to simplify things? (since we can always go back to
self-hosting if needs be).

We could then use travis CI to rebuild XEPs for free on each commit / PR
which would publish automatically. Would take a load off the iteam, and
make everything public/open (in theory if there were any problems anyone
could spot and create a fix).

Looking forward to seeing the new site live, everyone that worked on it did
an awesome job \o/


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On 12 January 2016 at 15:21, Kevin Smith <kevin.smith at isode.com> wrote:

> Hi Lloyd,
> On 12 Jan 2016, at 14:16, Steven Lloyd Watkin <lloyd at evilprofessor.co.uk>
> wrote:
> >
> > I remember the website was finished some time ago and there was a flurry
> of activity but its been some time and xmpp.org still hasn't been
> updated, so I was just wondering what the status of things were (since xmpp
> c2s is blocked inside the amazon network I can't get in the chatrooms).
> Kinda. The site hasn’t been finished yet, and there was a lack of interest
> in finishing off the last couple of steps (sorting out all the needed
> redirects). Bear’s volunteered to do this, and I understand he’s Very
> Nearly done. As soon as he’s got the redirects sorted we can test it and
> then put into production.
> > Given its mastered on github surely this is just a 30 second change to
> repoint some DNS records?
> When the topic of hosting on github came up, no-one was able to suggest a
> way of getting it hosted on github with all the necessary rewrites, TLS and
> things like the xepdiff tool running, so we’re left with needing to
> self-host it. I think that’s all in place and ready, and we just need the
> last bit of the site finished (the redirect list) so it can get put up.
> > Or is the site awaiting some additional info?
> Yep.
> /K
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