[Members] S is for Software once more?

Arc Riley arcriley at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 18:09:22 UTC 2016

I'm in favor of this provided we have the volunteer manpower to do it

The Software Conservancy is essentially a full time job for Bradley Kuhn.
Serving as a legal and financial umbrella for different projects bankrupted
his time even when they only had a few to handle.

For each project that wishes to join (and it shouldn't be just one) a
conversation is needed with the developers and stakeholders to formalize
their governance model. In the case of a dispute or disappearing leader,
who represents that project? If half the developers want to fork the
codebase, for which side are the assets being held? Every project is
different and would want their own rules, so even if the umbrella is only
for trademarks and copyrights this is a major issue. In essence, each
project needs bylaws - and whoever is handling this from XSF's side both
facilitating that process and then executing it for each project under the

In 2008 a project I'm part of that had grown to the point of needing a bank
account and corporate entity was rejected from the Conservancy because they
couldn't handle any more projects. Bradley worked with me to form a new
foundation, and its been far more work than I could have forseen.

To pull this off we need a champion volunteer who's willing to invest the
insane amount of time needed to do it right, but it could also be very
beneficial to the projects to have this as an option.
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