[Members] T-Shirt ideas

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Oct 31 22:01:36 UTC 2016

Whilst having a particularly inane twitter conversation with Lloyd
Watkin, I got some interesting ideas for t-shirts.

1) "The Revolution will be Federated"

I'm thinking light grey on charcoal, an "#XMPP" hashtag, "distressed"
print, all very "street", and possibly the Occult Symbol Of Federation
(ie, a full-mesh federation diagram) in the background.

Quite subtle, relatively non-geeky unless you read closely.

2) "Standard"

So this one is a remarkably silly idea. Which is why I like it, obviously.

a) Publish a (Humorous Stream) XEP on t-shirt requirements.

b) Make a t-shirt that simply says "This t-shirt strictly conforms to
XEP-XXXX", along with the logo and "XMPP Standards Foundation" or some

Very unsubtle, very geeky. Mixed colours.

Either? Both? (I'm thinking of these for FOSDEM, BTW, but I can
develop both/either and I'm happy to have the XSF sell them off a
store front too).


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