[Members] XSF Dinner Menu Choices and Sponsoring

Ralph Meijer ralphm at ik.nu
Mon Jan 30 19:05:31 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Many have asked about the famous XSF Dinner. Fear no more. We're doing 
it again at Auberge Bretonne on February 2. However, we can only do this 
with your help.

First off, the XSF pays for the dinner of Members and Sponsors, to thank 
them for their hard work and support for the Foundation and its mission. 
To make this possible, we are seeking companies willing to sponsor the 
XSF Dinner. Matthew Wild collects all the Dinner Sponsors, so be sure to 
contact him. If you instead would like to sponsor the Summit lunches, 
you can tell him, too.

If you're not a Member or Sponsor, you're still most welcome to attend. 
We do ask you cover the costs of food, drink and transport.

The other important bit is signing up for the dinner and make your menu 
choices. Please fill in the following form by Wednesday 12:00 UTC. 
Beware: *No sign-up, no food!* Also, the form now collects your email 
address to send you your own responses, as previous years have shown it 
to be hard to remember one's own choices :-)


See you all on Thursday!


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