[Members] voting update

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 15:47:13 UTC 2017

added your new Jid to the whitelist. Please try to subscribe to 
memberbot, then you should be able to vote.


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From: "Steven Lloyd Watkin" <lloyd at evilprofessor.co.uk>
To: "Alexander Gnauck" <gnauck at gmail.com>; "XSF Members" 
<members at xmpp.org>
Sent: 31.01.2017 14:40:38
Subject: Re: [Members] voting update

>Hi Alex,
>I'm unable to vote since my JID no longer exists (server seems to have 
>shut down). My previous jid was lloyd at buddycloud.org. I'm not using 
>lloydwatkin at rows.io.
>Unfortunately I am unable to message you from the old JID to request 
>this change (for obvious reasons).
>How/do you require proof of my identity? I've edited my wiki page with 
>my JID if that is acceptable (however weak a proof) 
>Unfortunately I won't be at Brussels so can't prove myself in person.
>Cheers, Lloyd.
>On 31 January 2017 at 13:20, Alexander Gnauck <gnauck at gmail.com> wrote:
>>According to my records the following 20 XSF members had voted via
>>proxy in the current voting period:
>>* arcriley (at) gmail.com
>>* edhelas (at) movim.eu
>>* jabberjocke (at) jabber.se
>>* js (at) heap.zone
>>* kevin (at) doomsong.co.uk
>>* codavide (at) chatme.im
>>* drixter (at) e-utp.net
>>* florob (at) babelmonkeys.de
>>* mhterres (at) jabber.mundoopensource.com.br
>>* martin.hewitt (at) surevine.com
>>* mremond (at) process-one.net
>>* flo (at) geekplace.eu
>>* winfried (at) tilanus.com
>>* zeank (at) jwchat.org
>>* xander (at) xdumaine.com
>>* zooldk (at) gmail.com
>>* nyco (at) movim.eu
>>* intosi (at) ik.nu
>>* sam (at) samwhited.com
>>* gnauck (at) jabber.org
>>If you have not yet voted, please send a message to 
>>xmpp:memberbot at xmpp.org.
>>If you have problems with memberbot please contact me directly by 
>>email over xmpp at gnauck at jabber.org (subscription required).
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