[Members] XSF Board Meeting Minutes 20170301

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Mar 1 20:00:16 UTC 2017

Ha! I had no idea this was actually sent. So I'll add my other notes
to the end, and edit the beginning preamble slightly:

On 1 March 2017 at 17:22, Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net> wrote:
> Present: Ralph Meijer, Arc Riley, Martin Hewitt, Nicolas Vérité (Nÿco), Matthew Wild

>From Floor: Dave Cridland, Florian Schmaus (Flow), Kim Alvefur (Zash).

These minutes have no been approved by the Board, and have no official status.

> 1. Agenda Bashing
> Ralph asked for agenda items. Nÿco suggested Discourse and Board
> priorities, and Ralph suggested IEEE.
> 2. IEEE
> Ralph noted that we've received a message from William Miller on IEEE
> IoT efforts and their desire to incorporate our IoT specs in more of
> their work. Arc noted that the XEPs referred to are expired and
> defunct.
> Ralph proposed requesting Council provide guidance on how to proceed,
> and possibly appoint a liaison to the IEEE for this work. Arc seconded
> the motion, and noted that William Miller is apparently based in
> Washington DC, so he could easily meet in person.
> Sam Whited commented that, with his Council hat on, he thinks this is
> a matter for the IoT SIG to decide, most particularly if the current
> XEPs are to be worked on or if new XEPs should be written - but noted
> that either way the state should be communicated to people.
> Dave Cridland suggested the Council is the right body to decide on
> these things, with advice and input from the SIG. Ralph noted that he
> did request that the SIG's leadership be a Council person.
> Sam added the IoT discussion to the Council agenda.
> Ralph asked who could provide a more immediate response, and it was
> suggested that Arc's offer to meet could form this response. Arc
> suggested that he would encourage William Miller, and through him,
> others, to join the XSF and participate within it.

3. Discourse

Nÿco drew attention to the thread on the mailing list concerning
Discourse over Mailman as a communications tool.

Sam thought that, concerning Discourse itself,the experience on web
(or mobile) was excellent, but the experience as a mailing list was

Ralph was concerned that moving an existing list to Discourse might
cause a major disruption to existing use, and (repeatedly) asked
whether it would be possible to run the two side-by-side.

Matt suggested Discourse could be trialled on some discussion venues,
but not others. Dave suggested starting an entirely new "venue" (a
term which was at the time used to mean what would currently be a
specific mailing list) on Discourse so we could gain operational
experience; Matt said this was what he meant.

Nÿco suggested Discourse would solve many problems, and lower the
barrier to entry. [I assume this might mean making the discussion more
accessible; but the only problem actually mentioned was that we lack

Arc said he would prefer an XMPP-based solution, Dave suggested that
Movim was potentially worth exploring on this basis. Arc suggested a
meeting be set aside for "new-comms". He also suggested gathering
requirements and "sitting down like engineers".

Flow said he was not interested in any solution other than Discourse,
and felt it was important to do so on IoT.

Ralph repeated several times that he was happy to trial on a new
venue, or else run side-by-side on an existing one.

The discussion was curtailed without any conclusion.

4. Next Meeting

+1 Week

5. Ite, Meeting Est.

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