[Members] XSF Board Meeting Minutes, 2017-03-08

Jonas Wielicki jonas at wielicki.name
Wed Mar 8 17:35:10 UTC 2017

Present: Arc Riley (Chair), Martin Hewitt, Matthew Wild, Nicolas "Nyco" Vérité

1. Welcome and Agenda

Arc asks for topics and specifically whether there’s anything to do for Google 
Summer of Code. No other topics come up, so GSoC it is.

2. Google Summer of Code

Arc asks Kevin Smith for updates on GSoC.

Sam Whithed mentions that he has been looking into making the improvements to 
the editing process a GSoC project, but was not able to build together a set 
of tasks which would be fit for a whole summer of code.

Kevin tells that he hasn’t asked mentors to sign up yet. It is unclear whether 
that is necessary and clarification with the Google folks is still pending. 
Some students have already approached the XSF for projects, but spreading the 
knowledge about the XSF GSoC would still be a good thing. Kevin is happy to 
carry on the work on GSoC if Board continues to delegate that to him (which 
Board does).

Nicolas suggests to make some "noise" on social media about the XSF GSoC to 
increase the visibility. He mentions however that his "audience" are in 
general not students. He is still happy to make some posts and spread the 
word, providing examples and templates.

3. IEEE collaboration

Arc met with William who is an XMPP evangelist. He has been working to get 
XMPP standardised for IoT within the IEEE, but has not had closer contact with 
the XSF itself yet; he has however met with Peter Saint-Andre, Peter Waher and 
others already. He is going to apply for membership and will try to pull some 
members of the IEEE IoT working group into the XSF as well.

He raised the point that the XSF should have a greater presence within the 

Arc asks Sam to recount what was written on Trello: Dave has suggested to 
appoint a council liaison but there has not been progress with that yet. Sam 
will send an email to council@ in order to source volunteers. In addition, he 
suggests we should work with the IoT SIG to find a strategy to improve the 
XEPs around IoT and/or possibly creating new ones. He will keep Board posted.

Arc mentions that we might be able to source volunteers from the anticipated 
new members from the IEEE WG and also notes that there are exiting IoT XML 
standards within the IEEE, which is the reason for XMPP gaining traction in 
that field.

4. Meetup Sync

Nicolas brings up the topic of Meetups around the world <https://
wiki.xmpp.org/web/Meetups>. Arc notes that the SF meetup is dead [NB: this has 
now been noted on the wiki page]. He suggests to share content from those 
meetups to the broader public to increase visibility. Matthew adds that this 
should include content from FOSDEM.

Arc agrees and proposes to have a central, well visible place where content 
and meetups can be linked and also a calendar of XMPP events worldwide. 
Nicolas agrees. Arc adds that a list of slides also serves as a list of 
speakers, allowing organisers of conferences to easily find speakers on XMPP 

Nicolas volunteers to create such a place.

5. Next meeting

Arc suggests in one week. Nicolas, Martin and Matthew agree

6. Close
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