[Members] voting results board and council elections

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 10:59:30 UTC 2017


we had our annual meeting yesterday to approve the voting results for 
the board and council elections.

You can find our meeting minutes here:

The following members will build the XSF council for the 2017-1018 term.
* Dave Cridland
* Daniel Gultsch
* Kevin Smith
* Georg Lukas
* Sam Whited

For the board candidates we have a tie for the 5th position. According 
to our bylaws we have to resolve the tie with the procedures defined in 
RFC 3797 "Publicly Verifiable Nominations Committee (NomCom) Random 

Those 4 candidates are elected directly into the board for the 2017-2018 
* Matthew Wild
* Guus der Kinderen
* Ralph Meijer
* Martin Hewitt

We will resolve the tie ASAP for the 5th board position between Arc 
Riley and Nicolas Vérité.
Recommendations for tie resolution according to RFC 3797 are welcome 
here on this list or in the XSF MUC room.

Congratulations to the new board and council, and thanks to all 
candidates who volunteered for those positions.


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