[Members] XSF Board Minutes 2017-11-22 1700 UTC

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 22 17:44:16 UTC 2017

Note: This was a meeting of those Board members currently elected, who
form our current Board. Please refer to the XSF Meeting Minutes of
yesterday evening's meeting for details. These minutes, more than
usual, do not form an official statement by the XSF or its Board.

Present: Ralph Meijer (Chair), Guus der Kinderen, Martin Hewitt
Ex-Officio: Alex Gnauck (Secretary), Dave Cridland (XMPP Council Chair)
Floor: Georg Lukas, Arc Riley (Candidate), Kevin Smith, Edwin Mons

1) Resolving the tie for 5th director

Ralph motioned that the Board affirms the proposal by Dave Cridland to
resolve the tie in accordance with the Bylaws. There followed a
lengthy discussion about whether this was a decision Board could make.
It was generally agreed that Board expressing its approval was a good
thing. All present agreed the proposal was the right way forward. In
particular, Arc Riley, as one of the candidates affected, said he was
fine with it, and Alex said he agreed with it and was happy to execute
on it. It was therefore agreed by all Board members and XSF Members
present that this was what would happen on Friday, unless Nicolas
Vérité (as the other candidate affected) raises an objection.

2) Date of next

The next meeting will be arranged once the Board election is completed
by the new Board on their mailing list.

3) Close

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