[Members] Board Minutes 20170913

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Sep 13 16:46:36 UTC 2017

1) Roll Call

Present: Martin (acting chair), Arc, Matt, Nÿco.

2) Minutes

Dave was foolish enough to volunteer for this arduous task.

3) Topics for decisions

3.1) SCAM

Guus referred to a list of open questions at

3.1.1) SCAM Budget

After some discussion, Guus suggested a budget of around $500 to
$1,000. Matt said this sounded reasonable, although he noted that he
is currently unaware of the financial status of the Foundation. Dave
suggested this was of the order of $10,000 balance, currently.

The board all agreed that a $1,000 per year budget was approved.

3.1.2) SCAM access to XSF Twitter account.

There was considerable discussion about how Twitter access (and other
Social media accounts) were, and ought to be, managed.

The Board then voted for allowing the SCAM team to have access to the
Twitter account.

3.1.3) SCAM Membership

The current SCAM charter requires Board approval for members. The
Board therefore approved Daniel Gultsch and Nicolas Vérité as members
and formally approved Guus der Kinderen as its leader.

3.1.6) SCAM Venues

The Board approved creation of a chatroom and mailing list for SCAM,
to act as a point of contact.

3.2) Trademark sublicense for JabberCat

The Board approved the sublicense as requested in

At this point both Arc and Nÿco left, so the Board meeting ended, with
remaining items skipped.

7) Date of Next:


8) Ite, meeting est.

As a final note, Guus observed that only Board can add cards to the
Board Trello at https://trello.com/b/Dn6IQOu0/board-meetings -
however, anyone can add comments once those cards are present.

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