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Delayed minutes for past board meeting...


  Guus, Martin, Ralph, Matthew

Nyco absent.

## Board priorities

Guus notes that we've been failing to schedule this meeting since the
start of the Board's term, and proposes that we give up and divert our
efforts elsewhere.

Consensus is to archive the action item and move on.

## Bank account bus factor

Guus confirms that Peter is the only person able to access the XSF bank account.

Peter has enquired with the bank, and two options are available to us:

> 1. There is a manual form that someone can fill out to become a signer on the account, however that would not enable online banking access. My thought is that we could ask our long serving and highly reliable Secretary if he would do this.

> 2. For online banking access, someone needs to show up in person. I could arrange this with Thomas Muldowney or Dave Smith (emeritus members of the XSF who live near me and are reliable people), so that they could step in on a temporary basis if needed.

Ralph notes that these are two separate solutions, and are not
mutually exclusive.

Regarding option #1: Guus has already spoken with the Secretary (Alex)
and he has indicated he would be willing to be added to the account as
a signer.

All present in favour of this. Approved.

Regarding option #2: Guus feels strongly against this - having solved
the problem through option #1, there is no need for anyone to have
additional access.

Additionally the XSF does not have any directors in the US that would
be able to fulfil the role, and someone with an active role within the
XSF would be preferable.

## Financing

No further action since last meeting. Guus to purse, and discussion
postponed to next.

## Membership survey

Matthew sent out his draft earlier that day, further discussion to
happen on list.

## AOB

Trello cleanup.

## Date of next


Meeting closed.

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