[Members] Board meeting minutes 2018-04-19

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 15:01:14 UTC 2018

  - Ralph
  - Guus
  - Matthew

Martin and Nyco sent apologies

## Topics for decisions

The sole discussion item for this meeting was whether to accept a
submission to list the Pidgin project in the XMPP client list on the
xmpp.org website.

The pull request in question is https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/425

Multiple issues were raised by community members, including primarily
Georg Lukas. The issues are:

  1) The submitter does not appear to be affiliated with the project
(other than perhaps as a user)

  2) Pidgin's lack of support for many modern XMPP features makes it
undesirable to be included in a list on the xmpp.org website.

Regarding issue (1), it was unclear whether our requirement that the
submitter be affiliated with the listed project. Kev, from the floor,
stated that it was part of the original requirements agreed at the
summit where the new listing policy was discussed.

The website and submission instructions do not currently state that
this is the case.

Guus notes that he has not been enforcing this rule. Matthew notes
that it is a hard rule to enforce, as membership of an open-source
project is not easy to define.

Guus also cautions against adding any complexity to the process.

Ralph states that he sees no objective reason not to accept the
listing, on the understanding that the only requirement is "somebody
requests to list the project at least once a year".

Regarding issue (2), general consensus is that although some measure
of "compliance" with XMPP protocols may be beneficial, it is currently
not enforced in any way, and there is no clear path towards doing so.
Much discussion occurs including community members, on the topic of
what constitutes an XMPP client.

Ralph initiates a vote to accept the listing on the grounds that it is
an XMPP implementation and somebody wants it added for another year.

Matthew initially against the motion due to concerns about data
accuracy if unaffiliated individuals are able to submit listings. Guus
clarifies that the only data of concern is the project name and
website, and both are already verified (that they exist) before
accepting a submission.

All present approve the motion.

## AOB


## Date of next

+1 week

## Meeting end

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