[Members] XMPP for Outreachy?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Tue Jan 23 10:28:45 UTC 2018

Hi all,

There has recently been discussion on the Outreachy[1] mentors mailing
list about finding a communication tool, with an emphasis on real-time,
that is more convenient than IRC (with it's firewall issues, trolls,
learning curve, etc).

They already started looking at Zulip but it is not clear that the
widest segment of the Outreachy community would use that regularly.

Would anybody from the XMPP community like to make any suggestions or
even help them with a solution based on MUC?

Some of the communities who participate in Outreachy, like Debian,
already have our own XMPP service too so it would immediately be
accessible to more people than Zulip.  On the other hand, they may need to:

- decide where to run the MUC chat rooms

- decide if they run their own web interface or refer people to another
service with web access

- develop some documentation to help new interns install a suitable
client or get started with the web interface for the first time

Outreachy has a big profile in the free software community and this
would mean introducing about 50 new interns to XMPP every 6 months, as
well as the exposure to their mentors and other communities.



1. http://outreachy.org/

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