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Ralph bangs the gavel

0. Welcome and Agenda

Present: Ralph, Matthew, Guus, Nÿco
Missing: Martin

Nÿco is the minutes taker

Agenda: Survey results, GDPR, swag

1. Survey results

Matt says he has collated the quantitive questions, and the priorities
questions, which makes for the bulk of the results. That is not yet in a
nice format right now, but he can send them out right after the meeting. He
grouped them by category, the category with the most responses was
"Developer/community", containing suggestions such as organising


Matthew has nothing to report on the GDPR front currently. He'll try to put
some time in over the next week or two. A dangling action item was actually
formalizing the team. He needs to ping Alex as well.

Georg (member) says he might be able to assist with GDPR in the second half
of July or later.

3. Online shop, swag, goodies

Nÿco presents  a subset of the alternatives to cafepress:
Noting that some more are dedicated to T-shirts (and a few more clothes)
and some others are made for authors, musicians, and filmmakers.

Nÿco adds this seems like the most readable:
They say: Base Price + Your Royalty Percentage = Retail Price

We all all then discussed about uncertainties and doubts around control
over the logo, ownership, copyrights, and re-use of materials by the online
shop, cuts rates, shipping rates... Guus suggests we start a quick proof of

4. AOB

Ralph reminds us all we need to start preparing council and board elections

5. Date of Next


6. Close

Ralph bangs the gavel
Nicolas Vérité (Nÿco)
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