[Members] XSF Board Minutes, 2018-11-29

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Nov 29 14:55:51 UTC 2018

Present: Ralph, Seve, Nyco, Guus, Matt

1) Roll Call

All were present, even Guus, who had sent regrets for a completely
different meeting in June.

2) Election of a Chair

Ralph called for nominations, of which there were none. Then he admitted
he'd be happy to continue. After very little thought, everyone voted for
him. Therefore Ralph Meijer is duly elected to the position of Chair of the
Board of the XMPP Standards Foundation for the 2018/2019 period.

3) Minutes

Ralph asked for a volunteer to handle minutes, noting that last year there
were problems getting minutes out in a consistent and timely manner. Guus
volunteered dwd, which was a bit harsh really. Ralph seconded this, and dwd
looked on helplessly as he was drawn into the abyss of minute-wrangling.

Nyco suggested collaboratively editing minutes during the meeting, to which
Matt noted he wouldn't oppose such an idea, but Guus objected. Seve asked
if they could be done after the fact from the chatroom logs, but Ralph and
dwd noted this was harder, in part because dwd likes to ask clarifying
questions during the meeting.

dwd volunteered for at least this meeting, and offered to try to pick up
future meetings as well.

4) Elections of Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Director

Ralph proposed he would ask the current Secretary and Treasurer if they
were willing to continue their roles, the others all agreed.

Nyco asked about the Executive Director position. Ralph said he and Guus
had been planning to discuss with Peter Saint-Andre. Guus said they should
pick a few candidate dates for a meeting and arrange this with Peter.

5) AOB

Guus asked Seve to write a short bio for the website.

Nyco asked about a time and day for the meetings. Ralph suggested keeping
the same time if it suited everyone. Everyone said it worked for them.

6) Date of Next

Fixed as per previous discussion as Thursday 6th December, 2018, at 1430Z.

7) Close
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