[Members] XSF Board of Directors meeting minutes 2019-12-05

Nicolas Vérité nicolas.verite at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 15:09:06 UTC 2019

XSF Board of Directors meeting minutes 2019-12-05

Ralphm bangs gavel at 15:37

Present: Ralphm, Guus, MattJ
Regrets sent: pep.
Missing: Seve

0. Welcome + Agenda

1. Minute taker

Nÿco, from the floor^Wcouch

2. Appointment of Treasurer

Peter is game for another term as Treasurer. Ralphm moves we re-appoint
Peter Saint-Andre as Treasurer of the XSF.

+1 for Ralphm, Guus, MattJ

3. Election of Chair

Only one candidate: Ralphm

+1 for Ralphm, Guus, MattJ

4. AOB

The SCAM team raised the usual hotel (Thon EU) we use in Brussels for the
Summit+FOSDEM is not optimal in terms of price and location
The XSF may be able to subsidies for attendees but not 100%
Guus will discuss with SCAM. Results from that to be discussed with Board
in a future meeting.

5. Date of Next


6. Close

Thanks all!

Ralphm bangs gavel at 15:56

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Nicolas Vérité (Nÿco)
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