[Members] Minutes: board meeting 2019-10-10

Nicolas Vérité nicolas.verite at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 08:14:49 UTC 2019

ralphm bangs gavel

0. Welcome

Full house

1. Minute taker

Discussion on repeated lack of minutes, chat logs are not enough, a
collaborative real-time text editor can be tried

2. Badge Design

ralphm has contacted Robert Martinez on this

3. Review of Roadmap Page

ralphm shares topics that could be part of the roadmap:
1) Work on the things I recently blogged about regarding references,
etc, and how that could be handled with MAM

2) Calling in the new(ish) reality of multiple devices that aren't always

connected, but still would want to receive calls.

3) e2ee. I think we need to make clear here what things are covered (plain
full stanza) and which are not (e.g. meta data).

Long discussion about the topic (including if we should have Council and
XSF roadmaps) but nothing decided.
ralphm will create a list of possible topics for the roadmap

4. Board & Council elections


Please suggest profiles

5. AOB

Meetings are not long enough often due to discussions getting extended.
Discussions around how to approach this issue.

6. Date of Next


7. Close

Thanks all!

ralphm bangs gavel

Nicolas Vérité (Nÿco)
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