[Members] XSF Board meeting minutes 2019-09-05

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Fri Sep 6 12:15:19 UTC 2019

The chat log for this meeting is available at:

0. Roll call

* MattJ
* Nyco
* Seve
* Guus

1. Minute taker

2. Topics for discussion
2.1 GSOC Mentor summit
Flow in an email to board asked if the XSF is willing to reimburse all
three mentors who are going to the Google Mentor summit in Munich this
year (instead of the usual two). He adds that since most mentors will
be either in Germany or close to Germany travel cost will be pretty
low and probably lower than what Google gives to the XSF.

Vote on "I'l motion that the XSF offers to reimbursre travelling costs
for all three GSoC mentors of this year, to attend the GSoC Mentor
summit, provided that the total costs are not more than the stipend
that the XSF received from Google."

Guus: +1
MattJ: +1
Seve: +1
nyco: +1

Motion has passed.

2.2 Invite & Provide stipend for GSoC students to visit the XSF Summit

Since 2017 the XSF has offered a stipend of 150 Euro for Google Summer
of code students to visit the XSF Summit as an incentive for people to
get and/or stay involved in the XMPP community. Guus would like to to
this year as well since it was successful last year (mentions Paul and

Vote on "I'm motioning that the XSF offers a 150 euro reimbursement to
each of this years GSoC students, to be used by them to cover any
costs associated to them visiting the XSF Summit and / or Fosdem in
early 2020."

Nyco: +1
Seve: +1
MattJ: +1
Guus: +1

Motion has passed.

2.3 The Newsletter
* Nyco thanks JC for doing the newsletter in the past
* Guus thanks Nyco for taking over

3. Commitments for week ahead
3.1 Badges
mray needs a list of possible badges. Responsibility of Ralph and Guus.

3.2 Review of Roadmap
Let’s wait for Ralph

4. Items for discussion
4.1 GSoC is over

MattJ thanks Flow for organizing GSoC this year

Kev pops in an suggests a (summarizing) blog post.

students have been blogging individually but comm team should probably
write a summary.

5. AOB


6. Date of next
Same time next week

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