[Members] XSF Board meeting minutes 2019-09-12

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Thu Sep 19 11:11:05 UTC 2019

The chat log for this meeting is available here:

0. Roll call
* ralphm
* Seve (still has network)
* MattJ
* Nyco (shaky connection)

Guus can’t make it

1. Minute taker

2. POSS (Paris Open Source Summit)

Nyco put this on the agenda but notes that this is a topic for SCAM.

3. Ralph’s items
Ralph has been busy with other stuff but will try for next week.

4. GSOC.

Nyco reports that mentors and org admin didn’t have time to write
stuff. But comm team can probably do something. Nyco supposed to bring
this up with the comm team.

5. Adopt a character

One can adopt a Unicode character for 100 USD (for the non exclusive
bronze level).
Lengthy debate on what character and if 'bronze is enough.
Ralph notes that there is probably enough support to ask the community
on what character they would like.
No real conclusion; Board members to think about what they would like
before the next meeting.

6. AOB

- none

7. Date of next

+ 1 week

8. Close

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