[Members] XSF Board meeting minutes 2020-04-16

Guus der Kinderen guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 14:02:52 UTC 2020

The chat log for this meeting is available at

0. Welcome

All board members are in attendance, minus pep. who apologized earlier.

1. Minute taker

Guus bravely volunteered.

2. Commitments

Ralph sent out requests for sponsorship / sponsorship renewals by email.

Ralph and Matthew are following up on marketing leads.

3. Topics for decisions


4. Topics for discussion

A motion that boards has Florian organize a community-driven
character-for-adoption vote (
Florian emphasizes that he envisons only a member opinion vote, to which
the board is not bound to follow. Motion passes.

No concrete plan yet for iteam's budget discussion, partly this depends on
whether we'll ever hear back about eos (the down server)

5. AOB


6. Date of next

Same time, next week.

7. Close
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