[Members] XSF Board meeting minutes 2020-04-30

Guus der Kinderen guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 14:20:47 UTC 2020

The chat log for this meeting is available at

0. Welcome

All board members are in attendance

1. Minute taker

Guus bravely volunteered.

2. Member opinion on 'adopt-a-character'

Flow is asking in the context of "adopt-a-character". He would like to poll
members and is thinking about using https://civs.cs.cornell.edu/. This
requires email addresses though to be able to limit to one vote per person.
He asks if he can get members' email addresses.

Board generally disagrees with sharing the mail addresses of its members.
An alternative voting approach, based on rewriting of a/the memberbot is

3. Publication of members on XSF's website

The list of members displayed on the website might not be up-to-date.

Although the list is updated frequently, errors might have slipped in.
Suggested was that anyone who spots a problem to provide a PR against the
website or coordinate with the Secretary to get any issue fixed.

An additional concern was raised for the member list, one of privacy. The
full name stays in version control, even after the member is being removed.

Board members are unsure if we can or should do anything about it. A
suggestion is made to have a privacy policy to be explicit.

It would be good to get legal advice on setting up a privacy policy. Pep.
to contact Winfried, to see if he's willing/able to provide advice.

4. Commitments

Ralph reports his request for sponsorship attracted one reply so far
(indicating that they'd revisit in a few months).

No updates from contacts on communication efforts. Both pep. and Ralph will
do another round of inquiries with different contacts.

Setting up a contracting framework is something that the XSF has not done
before, and has no experience with. Pep suggests that we could benefit from
partnering with SPI for this. Other board members are not familiar with
SPI. Due to time constraints, to be discussed further at a later time.

5. AOB


6. Date of next

Same time, next week.

7. Close
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