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Maxime Buquet pep at bouah.net
Fri Feb 21 19:29:52 UTC 2020

On 2020/02/21, Jonas Schäfer wrote:
> On 20 February 2020 22:14:15 CET, Maxime Buquet <pep at bouah.net> wrote:
> >2. Your event meets the requirements to be sponsored if:
> >- The topic(s) is XMPP-related.
> >- It is public. Limited seats / RSVP are fine.
> >- It is an event aimed at “contributors” of the protocol or XMPP
> >  implementations (e.g., developers, translators, documentarians,
> >  protocol designers).
> Do we maybe want to add that the sprint event should not have an entry fee?

Yes I can go with that. That can be added alongside "public" I guess.

Note that we should not lure ourselves, these events are never free. I
know that's not what you're saying and I'm not saying this against you,
but I want to insist on this nonetheless. Even without any entry fee,
transportation and accomodation make up for the bigger part of the

> >4. Communicate about it!
> >
> >This means two things:
> >- Ensure the community knows about your work. Make sure people can
> >build
> >  upon what you have done.
> >- Show people outside of our sphere that things are happening.
> - Publish a blog post on xmpp.org?

Publish a blog post yes! as I mentioned below. I agree this could be
made a rule.

At the moment I would say not necessarily on xmpp.org though.
Specifically, I don't want to make this a hard rule that you have to get
your article published on xmpp.org. It might happen that we (the XSF)
don't want it there for reasons.

People can publish it on their own blog or preferred platforms (I'm sure
we can suggest some if they are not affiliated with any), they're the
canonical source they get the SEO and that's fine to me. We can and
most likely will retweet/retoot/re.. when something is available. :)

> >This is usually done by publishing what you have done (possibly
> >work-in-progress), sending your questions and/or summary of what has
> >been discussed to the list, writing an article about it, etc.

Maxime “pep” Buquet
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