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# Board Meeting 2020-06-11

(Sorry for the formatting in advance, I was in a hurry.)

## 1. Minute Taker

Yours truly.

## 2. Lack of Minute Takers

- pep. is fed up with writing minutes
- Minutes are important so that everyone in Board and the membership is on the 
same page. Also required by the Bylaws.
- According to ralphm, the bylaws say that the minute taker role defaults to 
the Secretary, but he can’t recall that ever being the case.
- ralphm will at the least send an email to the membership for volunteers.

ralphm motions that:
- lacking a volunteer, we round robin alphabetically by first name.

+1: ralphm, pep., MattJ ("until we have a better solution")
0: Guus, Seve

Motion carries.

pep. questions what to do if someone is absent during their term, but is okay 
with deferring that discussion until it happens.
Seve notes that spending efforts on a helper bot would be preferable.

## 3. Send Board agenda to the list

- pep. reminds that two(?) weeks ago, someone mentioned that it’d be helpful 
to have the agenda tied down in advance, like Council has. This is so that 
Board members can prepare for their meetings.
- ralphm wonders why Trello isn’t enough for that. He’s happy to send out an 
email regardless in his function as Chair.
- jonas’ (me) notes that the in-advance agenda is also useful for the general 
public/membership to know when they might be interested in attending a 

## 4. Communications Person

- ralphm asks for an update.
- pep. has nothing new to report

## 5. AOB

### 5.1 xmpp.work

- Guus mentions that https://xmpp.work has launched and that JC Brand asked 
whether it could be linked from xmpp.org. He also wonders who gets to decide 
- General applauds for the work JC has put into it and that it exists.
- pep. and Seve think that the XSF should be managing the site (which we’re 
not). Even if they want to link to it.
- MattJ, ralphm and Guus disagree
- MattJ is glad that xmpp.work is run by a trusted community member and does 
not see a necessity to have it managed by the XSF directly
- Seve notes that the Job board was proposed to help the XSF gather sponsors 
and the like, and the XSF not running it seems to be detrimental to that
- ralphm states that in a previous meeting, a discussion was had about what 
the Board would like the XSF to do short term. A Job board was one of those 
things and he thinks that linking to it is sufficient for now.
- pep. sees an issue if the moderation is not in XSF hands
- Guus does not see a necessity for moderation by the XSF specifically (though 
he hopes that the list is in fact moderated)
- Daniel suggests that the link can be removed at any time if it becomes an 
- pep. argues that deciding on linking is commteam’s job.
- ralphm notes that even while the job board itself is not hosted by the XSF, 
it could still benefit it by attracting community members and hence potential 
sponsoring and/or standards work.
- Seve originally had the idea to allow for featured jobs on the board and 
pull in sponsoring that way. ralphm likes that and suggests that JC could be 
asked to add such a feature later on.
- Guus would like to use what we’ve got now, as it’s there.

ralphm motions that:
- we ask our comms team to link to the jobs board at https://xmpp.work/

+1: MattJ, Guus, ralphm
-1: Seve
on-list: pep.

## 6. Date of Next

+1w (2020-06-18)

## 7. Close

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