[Members] Board minutes 2020-06-18

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 14:13:16 UTC 2020

0) Roll call


- Matthew
- Guus
- Maxime
- Seve

Ralph absent.

1) Topics for decisions

1.1)  Reevaluate the process for accepting XEP contributions

Jonas raised two questions, roughly:

  - We have a CLA process - do we really need it?
  - If we do need it, what alternative process to the Github-only clabot
can we use?

Rough consensus is that we do want an explicit CLA step (Kev noted from the
floor that he believes this change was requested by a previous Board).

Some concern about whether we need legal counsel on this matter. Matthew
doesn't think so. Guus, Maxime less convinced. Guus requested to postpone
any vote until we have more feedback from seniors in the community and
possibly legal counsel.

End of time reached. Matthew requests reflection on the matter in the hope
of voting on it next week.

2) Date of next

25th June 2020

3) Close
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