[Members] SCAM meeting minutes - 2020/03/03

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Mar 10 17:44:45 UTC 2020


On 3/3/20 3:07 PM, Maxime Buquet wrote:

> ## Financials
> Is this going to get out of the SCAM budget? (currently 1000EUR a year),
> or is it going to come out of board directly?

I defer to the Board on the size of the SCAM budget.

For context, the XSF has over $16,000 in the bank right now.

> 15EUR per person with a maximum of 150EUR would allow for 6 sprints a
> year. Let's say there's about 300EUR allocated for conferences (swag
> etc.), that's minimum 4 sprints.
> The idea being that people expense us up to the amount that has been
> decided. Also, As most sprints have happened in Europe until now, and
> transfering money takes some effort, and that is obviously more work for
> the XSF Treasurer. Is it something that they can take on?

It's not a lot of work for me to reimburse people 4-6 times a year (it
does require a trip to the bank to send an international money transfer
but that's easy enough).

There are bank fees involved, and I will document those for 2019 in the
very near future (IIRC $35 to send each time, plus I make sure to cover
a similar fee for the recipient so that the person who submitted the
expense report doesn't have to pay out of pocket).

Although I suppose it would be possible for someone in Europe to receive
the entire SCAM budget and then reimburse people (since all events are
in Europe so far), that could get complicated and also potentially cause
a bother (or even tax/financial trouble) for the person who receives and
then distributes the funds from a personal account.

In the past we have also talked about setting up a European subsidiary
or even moving the XSF to a European domicile, but those initiatives
would likely be expensive and time-consuming.


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