[Members] XSF Board minutes 2021-11-04

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Nov 4 17:56:57 UTC 2021

Present: Ralph, Matt, Dave

1. Minute taker

Dave, having arrived late, got the short straw.

2. GSoC

Emus offered to be the Org Admin for GSOC. Dave expressed
disappointment as he thought it was a self-nomination for Board for a
moment. Ralph said he had yet to see any announcement around 2022, and
Kev agreed there had been no announcement. All agreed Emus should be
the Org Admin for GSoC.

Kev was concerned that action may be premature, as last year saw
significant changes to the GSoC programme, and these may be repeated
this year or reversed.

Ralph and Dave felt that some effort early was useful, including
talking to projects, as long as the tentative nature of GSoC at this
stage was communicated. Emus suggested social media and the
newsletter, which was agreed.

Emus said he had enough info to start on that.

3. AOB

3.1 Board and Council Elections are still open until the 7th (Sunday).


Alex and Ralph discussed the nature of "close of business" in an
international organisation on a Sunday.

Phryk asked about voting rights, and was advised that applications for
XSF Membership are open for Q4, but these elections would not occur
until after the Board and Council ones.


3.2 FOSDEM 2020

Ralph noted the CfP for devrooms has been announced:

He hasn't seen anything from the RTC people, but will keep an eye open.

4. Next Meeting


5. Close

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