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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Apr 12 19:12:15 UTC 2022

Thank you so much for creating this!

On 4/12/22 11:08 AM, E.M. wrote:
> Dear XMPP Community,
> you may have heard about the XMPP Providers project [1] already. It has 
> a new approach to provide a curated list of XMPP providers based on hard 
> and soft criteria. The project also provides the evaluation 
> machine-readable. Client developers can integrate them in their 
> applications. We approach this topic from a user-centric perspective and 
> question what enables a good first start with XMPP when possibly coming 
> from other environments.
> We created a separate website to present the results in a nice view. 
> That way, it is convenient to read them. Feel free to take a look: 
> https://providers.xmpp.net
> We put lots of effort, thoughts and discussions into this project to 
> make the listings and evaluations as transparent and clear as possible. 
> All criteria for the categorization are explained on our new website's 
> FAQ section [2].
> If you are a server operator and want to add or edit information, please 
> ensure to first update your website. Otherwise, we cannot reference the 
> information in the source file that is used to generate the provider 
> lists. Then follow the contribution guideline to add your information [3].
> We will create a MUC soon, so you can get in touch with us.
> Many thanks to MattJ for the technical backend support and deployment.
> Looking forward,
> XMPP Providers Team
> [1] https://invent.kde.org/melvo/xmpp-providers
> [2] https://providers.xmpp.net/faq/#how-are-categories-determined
> [3] 
> https://invent.kde.org/melvo/xmpp-providers/-/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

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