[Members] Software pages: New rendering discussion

E.M. emus at mailbox.org
Wed Aug 10 22:03:30 UTC 2022

Dear XSF Members,

as you might have seen, Daniel Brötzmann (wurstsalat) not just rebuilt 
our website and improved many many sub-pages, but also redesigned the 
clients sub-page https://xmpp.org/software/clients/.

A key change is the use of DOAP files 
(https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0453.html) primarily, if clients or 
other offer those. If not, basic rendering is applied.
For the next step we would like to to hear your voice: Our plan is to 
extend the view, present more information, and make it more usable.

This covers the following changes:
- a more detailed sub-page (or a collapse function) for each entry with 
a tabular view of supported features / XEPs
- the first selection of a client would link to this overview (if DOAP 
is available), not directly to the project's website. We believe that 
this could also support projects, because they would not need to 
maintain their own webpage or a specific sub-page for their client's 
supported XEPs (if they don't want to invest the time)
- this project could also compare supported XEPs and/or compliance 
levels, possibly with compliance badges

If wanted, we could most likely also compare client features in the end, 
but we know its a controversial discussion.

Furthermore, we invite you to create and publish a DOAP for your project 
(regardless what), too. You can start with one of the existing files.

Let us know what you think, just reply here.

Ed (emus)

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