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Peter Waher peterwaher at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 8 13:29:38 UTC 2022

Hello all members

I found the following article of interest. It references XMPP directly, but perhaps unjustly in a negative light. Interesting to note the use of XMPP for its inherent trustworthiness, and apparently elaborate ways needed in the client do hide eavesdropping contacts added to the roster by the system. But the article is written such that it might be interpreted as if XMPP is vulnerable in itself, if you read the article quickly. It is the bot account that hides itself (not the trojan client that hides the bot from the user): “Unlike the support channel, bot hid itself from Anom users’ contact lists and operated in the background, according to the code and to photos of active Anom devices obtained by Motherboard”.


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