[Members] MIMI update - November 2022

Marvin W xmpp at larma.de
Wed Nov 16 17:50:51 UTC 2022

Hi Matt,

Thanks for writing the summary.

On Wed, 2022-11-16 at 17:18 +0000, Matthew Wild wrote:
> - XMPP currently has no specification for MLS. We will need to define
> something if XMPP is to be an option for MIMI (there are multiple
> reasons we might want to work on MLS support even without MIMI).
> - MLS is still very new. It has two leading implementations, both in
> Rust. Both implementations are currently not up to date with the
> latest version of the MLS spec, but that is expected to change soon.

For pratical purposes given these circumstances and knowing that
resources on XMPP developer's side are always limited, I think it makes
sense to delay public implementations of MLS in XMPP up until there is
more clarity wrt. MIMI. It would probably complicate things even
further if there were two possible content types within MLS in XMPP.

> MIMI will also need to define a "transport protocol", which specifies
> exactly how service A will actually connect to service B to send the
> encrypted messages. Needless to say, XMPP is a possible candidate.
> Other options that have been suggested include Matrix, or inventing
> something entirely new (e.g. this proposal for a new protocol called
> ).

This proposal seems not at all be compatible with the typical federated
infrastructure we see in the non-commercial XMPP community, as it
implies xyz.com needs to subscribe to updates from abc.com before
alice at abc.com can send a message to bob at xyz.com, making it impossible
to easily add parties to the federated network.
Also the requirements layed out in the draft are very businessy, i.e.
"Leverage modern cloud native architectures", "Easy to build high
reliability cloud design". My personal favourite is "Better aligned
with internal architecture of some existing solutions", as it sounds as
if Cisco is building something that fits their product well, knowing it
will not fit other existing products.

> PS. [...] it turns out large conferences in closed spaces and inter-
> city travel are a great recipe for catching COVID.

Just figured this out the hard way as well.


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