[Members] voting results & meeting minutes

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 10:03:27 UTC 2022


you can find the meeting minutes of our annual member meeting here:

the following individuals were elected to the XSF Board for the 
2022/2023 term:
* Arc Riley
* Edward Maurer
* Matthew Wild
* Peter Saint-Andre
* Ralph Meijer

the 2022/2023 XSF Council consists of the following individuals:
* Daniel Gultsch
* Georg Lukas
* Jonas Schäfer
* Marvin Wissfeld
* Travis Burtrum

Lets welcome all our new and returning Board & Council members. And 
thanks to all volunteers applying for any of those positions.
I will try to get the mailing lists updated ASAP. Then the new board and 
council can start to schedule their first meeting and do the transition.


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