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Claude Kawa claude.kawa at oz.com
Fri Aug 8 14:24:16 CDT 2008

About SyncML documentation, here is a primer:

And here are the latest specs: 



SyncML is under OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) responsibility. 


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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Andreas Monitzer wrote:
>> I'd think that this could have uses beyond mobile applications. For 
>> example, you could keep calendars and address books on multiple 
>> computers in sync, like it was announced for Apple's MobileMe
>> (which can't do that right now due to technical difficulties).
>> They demonstrated adding a new calendar entry at the WWDC keynote,
>> then was available immediately on a second Mac, MobileMe's web
>> and Steve's iPhone.
> It all sounds intriguing. Unfortunately I won't have the cycles to
> on this for quite a while. Anyone else interested enough to
> it more deeply?

Here's a first clue that doesn't concern the SyncML part but the 
MobileMe Pubsub mail notifications 

All this makes think that not only there could be SyncML calendar events

published with PEP, but also mail notifications and by extensions 
voicemail and fax notifications (with a derived version of 
draft-ietf-sieve-notify-xmpp - actually this draft should use PEP, IMHO,

but I disgress).

Regarding the SyncML synchronization mechanism, not sure there's any 
public documentation yet.


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