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Neil Stevens neil at hakubi.us
Fri Apr 18 18:26:31 CDT 2008

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> Remember that you were the one that brought up DULs.  Obviously, if the 
> blacklist was only a list of dynamic IP ranges, then it would probably 
> be a bad idea to use it as a single factor in blocking email/im traffic.
> Some blacklists are better than others; some are manually populated, 
> some are automatically populated, some are based on history, and some 
> are based on criteria.  If you don't like the method of a blacklist, you 
> don't have to use it.  But there's no reason to remove that choice from 
> the operator of an email/im service.

I'm just trying to warn people off from using DULs and from using 
blacklists in general that aren't very carefully maintained.

Email is well known and widely used, so that that when it gets 
unreliable for some people due to poorly-configured servers, they blame 
that particular host, and not email in general.  "That address does that 
sometimes; send it here instead."

If XMPP packets disappear, users are going to blame XMPP, not the sender 
or recipient's service, because it doesn't have that credibility that 
comes with being a well-known, well-established system.
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