[Operators] Gmail problems

Damjan gdamjan at mail.net.mk
Fri Apr 18 21:13:41 CDT 2008

Someone reported here problems with the communication to gmail.
The past two days (16 and 17 april) I've experienced vary bad
communication with google's xmpp service. this are some examples from
the s2s.log

Wed Apr 16 20:12:08 2008 [notice] [12] [, port=5269]
connection to gmail.com timed out

I even tried to debug with "nc 5269" and indeed I couldn't
connect from different addresses.

Today it was all fine.

now I see s2s was only trying this single ip address all the time.. and 
maybe other _xmpp._tcp servers did work, but I don't know. Something to
check the next time.

damjan | дамјан
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