[Operators] server reputation

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Apr 21 16:15:28 CDT 2008

Jonathan Schleifer wrote:

> These three are all examples where servers are broken because people
> think having a Jabber server is cool, but knowing how Jabber works is
> uncool. Many just want to have a JID with their domain and setup a
> Jabber server that often is totally misconfigured. That alone wouldn't
> be that big of a problem, the problem is that they promote others to
> use their server as well. And then it starts getting annoying and even
> hurting the Jabber network.
> The server in example 2 even got that annoying that I blacklisted it
> until it was fixed.
> Spammers are not a big deal ATM, what we need a solution for is servers
> with broken s2s, this is hurting the Jabber network far more now.

Do we need a general HOWTO for server admins so that we can have
something to point to when we say RTFM?


Peter Saint-Andre

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