[Operators] requiring channel encryption

Jonathan Schleifer js-xog at webkeks.org
Wed Apr 30 07:34:31 CDT 2008

Luke -Jr <luke at dashjr.org> wrote:

> Quite frequently, jabber.org has federation issues or is
> simply down, so at the current rate I will probably be forced to set
> them up with accounts on my private server (dashjr.org).

Yeah, I noticed the same. s2s seems to be off really often, dunno how
that's for c2s.

> P.S. The federation and downtime problems only appear to be with
> jabber.org; I do not see it with any other services.

Other servers are also very unstable, for example amessage.* - it's
even more unstable. See my post about that problem in the thread
"server reputation".

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