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David Banes david at banes.org
Wed May 7 19:09:17 CDT 2008

Late to the party here but I like this idea from Axigen, the secure  
email server people;

- Axigen 6.1 also features Country Filtering, which enables system  
administrators to determine geographic locations based on IPs and  
create rules accordingly, such as banning or allowing emails sent  
from selected countries.

As an email security company this is one of the techniques we use on  
clients firewalls, not fool proof but  a good tool to have in the kit  


On 08/05/2008, at 2:45 AM, Jonathan Schleifer wrote:

> Christoph Gebhardt <mailinglists at exosphere.de> wrote:
>> What keeps the evil spammer from just making their own?
>> I mean, I guess it would be pretty easy to script s2s and fake a
>> server.
> It's easy to ban that server, but it's hard to ban a user on a remote
> server. If that server's only for spamming, there's no problem with
> just blocking it.
>> Do jabberds check if example.com resolves the host claiming to run
>> it's jabber server? If not the spammer would have unlimited
>> "servers"...
> It does, via TLS or dialback.
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> Jonathan
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