[Operators] Meeting Notes

Sean Dilda sean at duke.edu
Wed May 7 19:14:43 CDT 2008

David Banes wrote:
> Late to the party here but I like this idea from Axigen, the secure 
> email server people;
> - Axigen 6.1 also features Country Filtering, which enables system 
> administrators to determine geographic locations based on IPs and create 
> rules accordingly, such as banning or allowing emails sent from selected 
> countries.
> As an email security company this is one of the techniques we use on 
> clients firewalls, not fool proof but  a good tool to have in the kit bag.

I think this is an idea that works better for some sites than others. 
As a research institute, we have faculty members who regularly need to 
communicate with other researchers in just about every country 
imaginable.   As such, this is a technique we can't employ for email, 
and likely wouldn't be able to employ for jabber.

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