[Operators] more ???

Paul Willard paul at mcrides.co.nz
Sat Apr 11 18:53:13 CDT 2009

Whoops .. I mean http://www.loudas.com (not https)
Paul Willard
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Where New Zealand motorcyclists go
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Lol Peter .. Did I start something? J
Can you add jabber.loudas.com (might as well add this along with
yeahnah.co.nz J )
.       domain: [jabber.loudas.com]
.       website: [https://loudas.com]
.       year launched: [2009]
.       country: [NZ]
.       CA: [StartCom Ltd.]
.       server software: [ejabberd]
.       admin name: [Paul Willard]
.       admin JID: [paul at jabber.yeahnah.co.nz]
.       description: [Delivering chat services in New Zealand - transports:
(try again using my correct email address) J
Paul Willard
Phone:                 +64-7-829 8883
Mobile:                +64-21-638 223
Email:               <mailto://paul@loudas.com> paul at loudas.com
Web site:        <http://www.loudas.com/> www.loudas.com
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